Our Role as a Funeral Director

Arranging a funeral can be something that relatives embark upon with an amount of uncertainty and apprehension. Our role as a funeral director is to make arrangements on the family's behalf, to discuss any personal requests and to offer help and advice. This meeting can take place at Birch House but usually it will be in the familiar surroundings of your own home.

A funeral is a very important event. It brings together family members, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and sometimes, the wider community, all focusing on one person’s life. People attend the funeral to pay their respects and to say their “good-byes”. In order to make the funeral a personal tribute and a fitting farewell, some major decisions will need to be made.

One of the first decisions is where the service will take place. This could be in a church, at the crematorium or at the cemetery; also the style of service required, any hymns to be sung, music to be played and readings to be given. The minister conducting the service will normally meet with the family to help discuss these aspects of the service. A non-religious funeral service is an option preferred by some families and this can be arranged if required.

There are several other things to consider such as press notices, orders of service and catering requirements, whether at home or at a venue. A visit to our Chapel of Rest can be arranged to say a private “good-bye” before the more public event of the funeral service.

We fully appreciate the importance of the vehicles used to take someone on their final journey and we are proud to offer you our prestigious new fleet of XJ Jaguar hearses & limousines, that combine both elegance and luxury. Alternatively we can provide our 1968 Austin Princess hearse or arrange for a horse-drawn hearse, available in black or white; a reminder of days gone by.

Flowers are another important aspect of a funeral, adding a touch of colour and warmth, and of course consideration must be given to the type of coffin desired.

A range of traditional coffins and caskets are available, these are hand finished and of the highest quality. It is also possible to arrange for coffins of varying colour and design, or for some families an environmentally-friendly coffin, hand crafted in willow, bamboo or sea grass, may be the most suitable option.

Different requests can be combined. It may be for instance that you would wish for a white coffin, covered with lilies or roses to be taken to the church in a white hearse, or maybe you would wish for a horse-drawn hearse (in black or white) to lead the cortege to the cemetery where white doves are symbolically released or, a lone piper plays at the graveside.

Whatever your wishes, we at Williamson Brothers, Funeral Directors of Birches Head, will carry them out to the best of our ability.