Her Majesty’s Coroner

In certain circumstances a doctor cannot issue a medical certificate of Cause of Death and the coroner has to be informed. If the death was sudden, following an accident, a fall, a recent operation or if the deceased was in receipt of an Industrial Pension, Industrial Injuries Benefit or War pension the Coroner will most probably be involoved. His role is to detemine the cause of death.

You will be advised to make an appointment at the Coroner’s Office or alternatively to hold a telephone interview with the Coroner's Officer. The Coroners officer will then discuss the recent circumstances of the deceased and gather any additional information they may needt.  After the Coroner has made some inquiries, and possibly held a Post-Mortem, if you are able to register the death you will be advised when to make an appointment to register at the Registration of Births and Deaths office. If the Coroner has decided to hold an investigation or even an inquest you cannot register the Death until further notice but the Coroner will issue Interim Death Certificates which enable the funeral to be held whilst the paperwork is finalised.